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About Advocacy

Advocacy helps a person to express their views and makes sure their voice, opinion and experiences are properly heard by health or care services. An advocate will listen to you and understand what you are going through.


They will help you to work out what you want to say or what you want to happen.


Advocates do this by providing confidential support that is independent from the health or care services you and your loved one might access. It often involves supporting carers to understand their rights, as well as the rights their loved one has, the processes their loved one is going through (including legal processes) and how to navigate systems.


Advocates also give support to carers who want to express their voice, explore options, communicate their views and raise concerns or complaints. This is particularly important when the carer feels they are not being listened or don't know where to go.

Things an advocate might support you with:


Accessing information.   This might be going through information about legal frameworks, what the different meetings are, your rights, the process for coming out of hospital or simply understanding what you can expect whilst your loved one is in hospital.

Feeling involved.  We know that carers can often feel unheard, ignored, blamed and even scapegoated in many of their interactions with health and care services. Advocacy can help you by working alongside you and making sure you are taken seriously.

Navigating the system.  At times, the mental health system can feel overwhelming and confusing. Independent advocacy can be an important and useful way to support carers to navigate the system and understand what is happening and when.

Raising concerns. You know your loved one better than anyone else and you are the first person to know when something isn't quite right. Advocacy will help you to raise any concerns or complaints.


Support you in your caring role.  An advocate can support you access rights you already have (like rights to information, rights to a carers assessment, rights to be involved)

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About Black Belt Advocacy

We have delivered support, training and qualifications to the Independent Advocacy community since 2007.  We believe passionately in equality, social justice and people taking power and control in their own lives.  For more information about what to do please see

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